Steve joins celebration of constituents 104th birthday

Steve recently joined the family and friends of Elsie Webb for her 104th birthday celebrations. Mrs Webb worked as a seamstress after leaving school and during World War 2 worked on an anti-aircraft gun crew. She lived independently at her home in Small Heath until after her 100th birthday.
She has been a lifelong Labour supporter and met her husband through a young socialist society. When greeting Steve she asked him which party he was a member of and upon hearing that he was a Labour MP said that he was very welcome.
Mrs Elsie Webb is a resident of Hasbury Care Home which provides residential care for 24 people. They were also celebrating the launch of its new domiciliary care services which are intended to provide a range of care and support for people who wish to continue living in their own homes.
The owners Mr & Mrs Chundoo said they loved running the home but they realised that there were many people who could avoid residential care with the right level of affordable support in their own homes.
Steve said, “I was honoured to be a part of Elsie’s birthday celebrations, she has worked hard throughout her life and fought to protect our country during the Second World War.”
“She is also an example of how people can and want to live active and independent lives and I welcome the launch of a new domiciliary care service by Hasbury Care Home to support people who do want to continue living in their own homes.”
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