Steve says, "Say no to costly unelected mayors"

Steve McCabe has intervened in a Parliamentary debate on elected mayors to demand that the Coalition scraps the idea of appointing a Shadow Mayor in Birmingham by the end of 2011. The provision is part of the Localism Bill currently being debated in Parliament. Steve has also put down two Parliamentary questions to ask how much the introduction of shadow mayors will cost Birmingham taxpayers.


Steve said:


"Appointing a Shadow Mayor before the people of Birmingham have even had the opportunity to say through a referendum whether they even want an elected Mayor is completely undemocratic.


"Not only that, it could prove to be a costly mistake. What if people here in Birmingham chose in a democratic referendum that they don't want an elected Mayor? How much money will have been wasted setting up the Shadow Mayor's office? We are trying to reduce the budget deficit not increase it.


"Even if Birmingham people do say they want a Mayor it must be someone they have elected. Under Tory-Lib Dem plans we will end up with the leader of the Tory Group on the Council regardless from 2012 until the mayoral election in 2013. We will effectively have an elected Mayor that no one elected which is clearly ridiculous.


"Strange though it may seem to the Tory-Lib Dem Government, we have manged here in Birmingham without an elected Mayor for quite a long time and quite honestly I think we can wait until 2013 to elect a mayor properly if that is what the people decide they want."

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