Steve launches campaign against imposed mayor in Brum

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Update: 20th June 2011. The Government has announced it will scrap ridiculous plans for shadow mayor

The Tory led Government has decided to impose an unelected Shadow Mayor on Birmingham before Birmingham even has a chance to say whether it wants a Mayor.

A referendum on the mayor question is pencilled in for 2012. If Birmingham residents decide they want a mayor an election will take place in 2013. But that means before a referendum and before an election, a Shadow Mayor will have been imposed on the people of Birmingham. The Mayor will have full powers despite the public never having voted for them.

As part of his campaign Steve has already asked how much the imposition of the shadow mayor will cost tax payers and today he is launching a paper and online consultation.

Steve said: "Appointing a Shadow Mayor before the people of Birmingham have even had the opportunity to say through a referendum whether they want an elected mayor is completely undemocratic.

"Not only that, it could prove to be a costly mistake. What if people here in Birmingham chose in a democratic referendum that they don't want an elected mayor? How much money will have been wasted setting up the shadow mayor's office? We are trying to reduce the budget deficit not increase it.

"I am campaigning against this nonsense - I hope you will join me." You can join Steve’s campaign by signing the ‘No to imposed Mayors’ petition’  at

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