Steve McCabe meets with a Senior Astronaut

Steve McCabe MP has discussed the United Kingdom's space industry with a Senior Astronaut and a Prof

At a meeting of the Parliamentary Space Committee Steve McCabe MP met Senior Astronaut Michael Barrett, who was a Medical Officer and the Chief Scientific Officer on the last ever mission of the space shuttle “Discovery”.


Britain’s space sector is amongst the fastest growing industries in the country. Britain is heavily involved in the design of medical experiments for the International Space Station, which helps us to understand illnesses and potential treatments on earth. The experiments can also show the effects of long term space activity for astronauts.


Michael Barrett, the astronaut pictured with Steve spent over 200 days in space, including a period on the International Space Station. Michael’s particular interests are medicine, robotics, and cargo transfer aboard the Space Shuttle. 


Steve also met Professor Colin Pillinger who is Britain’s leading expert on space exploration. He has 40 years of space science experience and headed the Beagle 2 mission.


Steve said: ‘I was fascinated to meet Professor Pillinger and Michael Barrett. These men are my heroes and I was really interested to discover just what a big part British companies and British universities play in the space industry.’

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