Steve supports Age UK's "Care in Crisis" campaign.

Steve has attended Age UK’s Parliamentary reception to hear about their “Care In Crisis” campaign an
Mr Dilnot spoke about the report and the importance of taking his proposals forward in to law.
Steve said:
“It is important that the work of the Dilnot Commission is carried forward and his proposals implemented in law to ensure that we provide dignity in retirement for everyone in Britain.”
“The system cannot stay as it is. The care system in the UK must be reinvigorated to provide a level of care for the elderly which is fit for the 21st Century and beyond. The Government must listen to the recommendations of both the Dilnot Commission, and Age UK, and bring them forward in future legislation”.
Tom Wright CBE, Chief Executive of Age UK, called the report "a historic opportunity to secure fair and sustainable reform to our care and support system."
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