Steve investigates phone hacking at the News of the World.

Steve and other members of the Committee heard from Sir Paul Stephenson, former Commissioner of the

Steve was an integral part of the questioning of the Select Committee, asking Sir Paul Stephenson and Dick Fedorcio about the appointment of Neil Wallis, former Executive Editor of the News of the World as an advisor on media issues to the Metropolitan Police. Sir Paul was also questioned by Mr McCabe on his complimentary visit to Champneys, the luxury spa resort. 


In addition, Steve questioned John Yates about his connection to Neil Wallis, and Mr Wallis’s conversations with Andy Coulson, former Government Director of Communications, and former Editor of the News of the World. Mr Wallis revealed that he had spoken to Mr Coulson at 10 Downing Street when he was employed by the Prime Minister, and discussed counter-terrorism and police reform. 


Steve said: “The Home Affairs Select Committee undertakes valuable work in holding the Government to account, and exploring important national issues such as the phone hacking at the News of the World".


"I hope to discuss these important matters, and other aspects of my Parliamentary work with my constituents at events that I will be holding around the constituency in the coming months”.

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