Steve McCabe urges the Government to support growth in the West Midlands.

Steve has called on the Government to support efforts to promote growth and provide jobs in the West

Steve has highlighted the recent Office for National Statistics report which shows that the West Midlands has experienced an increase of 6.1% in the unemployment rate. This is the largest increase of any region in the United Kingdom.


Steve said:

“The Government must do more to encourage and support growth in the West Midlands. The recent ONS report shows that the West Midlands was the region hardest hit during the recession. The fact that the region has suffered the largest increase in unemployment shows that the Conservative-led Government was wrong to abolish Advantage West Midlands which promoted growth in the region".


"I recently introduced a 10 minute rule bill into the House of Commons which calls on the Conservative-led Government to tax banker’s bonuses to pay for a number of measures to tackle youth unemployment."


"These include measures to encourage the employment of apprentices, to support small businesses, and to require banks to support measures to lower youth unemployment. I sincerely hope that the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Government will take heed of these important statistics when considering whether to support my bill”

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