Steve opens the extension to the Grendon & Billesley Nursery and Family Centre

Steve was on hand to do the honours at the opening of the extension to the Grendon & Billesley Nurse

The project which operates as a ‘not for profit’ Community Business, run by local workers, parents and carers,  offers high quality and affordable childcare and a venue for training and support for local parents and carers.The extension was funded through a partnership with the city council and the Third Sector Capital fund set up by the previous government. It’s services are available from 8am to 6pm, 5 days per week, 48 weeks per year.


Steve said, ‘This is exactly the kind of community business I am keen to develop across the constituency. I don’t have a problem with the Big Society or local people taking more responsibility but I recognise that they cannot conjure resources out of thin air, that’s why projects like this which rely on the government and local authority to get them going but can become self sustaining are so important.’


The above picture shows Steve McCabe and Sandra Jenkinson the Chair of the Project with a plaque which Steve signed to commemorate the occasion


Photograph courtesy of local photographer Steve Clifton. For more information contact him on

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