Steve calls on the Council and contractors to consult residents

A number of furious residents have contacted local MP Steve McCabe about a decision by Birmingham Ci
People in the Redwood Road and Redwood Close area of Cotteridge have been horrified to wake up and find huge lighting columns outside their bedroom windows or blocking their drives.
Mr McCabe highlighted examples pointed out by John, a local resident, who has expressed concern about the siting of some of the lights and the potential effect on Anti Social Behaviour through creating blind spots; the area has recently suffered an expensive bout of vandalism to vehicles; and Lisa, a local childminder has had a huge hole dug and left just outside her property.
Steve McCabe said: “Several constituents have raised this matter with me. People seem happy enough to be getting some new street lights as its years since there has been any improvement but the high handed manner in which this is being done tells you everything you need to know about the way in which the Council and its partners ride roughshod over local people”.
“The position of some of the lighting may leave areas with less effective lighting than was previously the case and some people are going to have lights shining on their bedroom windows”
“If you walk around the area you can see the damage that has been done and how little consideration has been given to local residents; pavements and driveways have been obstructed by the new lampposts”
 “Local people should receive modern lighting for their streets but they should be consulted on the location of the lighting. Birmingham City Council must consult with residents and ensure they are given adequate notice of changes”.
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