Steve McCabe investigates disturbances across England.

The Home Affairs Select Committee, of which Steve is a member will be holding an inquiry into the le
In particular, the Committee is interested in investigating police relations with the communities that have been affected by the disorder and the role of organised groups in promoting violence and looting. 
The matter of whether the police were constrained in their actions because of the young age of some of the rioters will also be investigated. 
The techniques used by the police to quell the rioting will be examined, including decisions taken over the deployment of police officers, the use of standard techniques including containment and dispersal of rioters; the potential for the use of non-standard techniques including baton rounds, water cannon and curfews will also be considered by the Committee.
The Committee will also examine the role that social media played in the disturbances, and the extent to which Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger and Facebook was used to co-ordinate criminal activity. 
Variations in the responses of different police forces will also be investigated. 
Steve said: 
“The Home Affairs Select Committee will be investigating both the causes of and the responses to both the organised criminal violence and so called “copy-cat” violence that we have seen across the country. 
The underlying causes of the riots must be examined. We need to tackle the problems that have caused this sudden wave of mass criminal violence to ensure that it never happens again. We must give these young people aspiration so that they do not feel that committing wanton violence and criminal acts is the only way to move on in life. 
I would like to once again thank the police officers and staff of the West Midlands police and of police forces up and down the country for their efforts to prevent and contain the violence”.
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