Steve says: “We love the NHS”

Steve has met with the Shadow Secretary of State for Health, the Rt. Hon. John Healey MP (pictured)

 Steve has highlighted the costly nature of the NHS reforms to the taxpayer. Professor Kieran Walshe, Professor of Health Policy and Management at Manchester University has suggested that the NHS reorganisation could cost up to £3bn. 


Steve has been actively engaged in the bill’s progress through Parliament, participating in the debate on a number of occasions. 


The Tory-led Government will be abolishing over 150 institutions, whilst creating between 500-600 new institutions, despite the Government pledging a 45% reduction in NHS management costs. 

Steve said:


“This unneeded reorganisation is a huge distraction from the real issues in the NHS and from the work that is needed to keep on improving the quality of health care in this country. 


“The idea that the Secretary of State for Health will relinquish his duty to provide healthcare across the United Kingdom to more than 200 bodies is absurd. 


“Not only that , the cost of the changes to the NHS will be vast at a time of budget cuts. Estimates have shown that the cost to the taxpayer could be up to £3bn.


“When I discussed this with John Healey we agreed that Labour will continue to campaign against this costly bill. What matters is universal health care – and that is what is at risk here.”


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