Steve McCabe MP expresses deep concern over unemployment figures.

Steve McCabe, Member of Parliament for Birmingham Selly Oak has voiced concern at unemployment figur

Excluding those in full time education, the number has risen to 709,000, an increase of 91,000. 

The number of people claiming Jobseeker’s allowance has risen by 20,300 to 1.58 million. The number of people employed in the public sector has fallen by 111,000, the largest fall since comparative records began. 

Steve McCabe said: 

 “Having 973,000 unemployed 16 to 24 year old is completely unsustainable, especially when the Government is making such large cuts in services for young people. 

“These figures have underlined the need for the Government to double their efforts to help the economy to grow. Small businesses must be helped to create jobs. 

“One of the government's first actions upon taking office was to scrap the Future Jobs Fund. They claimed it was inefficient but we’ve seen no replacement and youth unemployment continues to grow. 

“My recent 10 Minute Rule Bill would give small businesses a discount on their National Insurance payments to help them employ more staff, and would provide assistance to firms which took on young people as apprentices. 

“Instead of taking action the government is leaving young people to fend for themselves”.

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