MP Stands up for Local Residents

Last Tuesday a group of Travellers illegally broke their way into the site of the proposed new Tesco

The constituents in this area were extremely worried, reporting dog and cockerel fights taking place on the site.

The problem was a complicated one to resolve as the land did not belong to the Council and therefore they could not evict the travellers from the land. 

After being alerted to the problem, Steve immediately contacted Chief Superintendent Kay at Bournville Police and urged him to do everything he could to protect local residents.

Steve also spoke directly to senior Tesco figures who agreed to seek a court order and authorise bailiffs to serve the travellers with an eviction notice.

The travellers were successfully evicted from the site within 24 hours.

However, Steve is concerned about this problem and the potential for the issue to re-occur.

He said:“There are important questions that need to be addressed on this matter. I cannot see why this is such a persistent problem across the West Midlands. These individuals should have been escorted out of the city to ensure there was no more criminal activity.

The response to this incident needed to be more thorough, I have received reports from constituents of vehicles being left behind and set alight. This poses unnecessary dangers to local residents which could have been avoided.

The Council must do more to guarantee that such issues are dealt with quickly to ensure the safety of my constituents; local residents should not be threatened and intimidated in their own community. “

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