Steve McCabe Queries West Midlands Police Privatisation Plans

Selly Oak MP Steve McCabe has queried privatisation proposals in a recent report (Business Partnerin

The changes would involve a project to identify the ‘right’ partners at a cost of upwards of £2millon between now and December 2012. Meanwhile the police will see the loss of 2,200 jobs over the next four years – officers with over 30 years service have already been made redundant and compulsory redundancies of other police staff will start shortly.


Steve McCabe said, ‘I’m in favour of trying to save money and I recognise that Project Paragon is an attempt by West Midlands Police to deal with the awful budget position they  now face but I’m worried about contracting out Police services and spending money on consultants when they’ve already had £7million over the past three years. It doesn’t seem like much of an economy to me. Do we really want more money spent on this when essential personnel are being cut?


“I welcome proposals in the report to collaborate with other forces and develop joint working with other local partners but I’ve yet to be convinced of the benefits of outsourcing or paying greater fees to consultants. The report itself acknowledges that this risks creating dependency and raises contract management issues.


“I fear the report shows just how the Government cuts are affecting policing; I want to see a West Midland Police Force which invests in the safety of our people, I don’t want them preoccupied with restructuring and unnecessary bureaucracy.’

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