Steve McCabe MP urges Andrew Lansley to listen to the public over NHS reforms

Steve McCabe MP, Birmingham Selly Oak, has urged the Secretary of State for Health Andrew Lansley to

Earlier today (4th October) almost 400 health care experts and professionals wrote to members of the House of Lords urging them to reject the changes. They believe the reforms will cause “irreparable harm” to the NHS, patients and society and will put patient care and safety at risk. They also believe it will lead to a more fragmented service.



The concerns of these health professionals are mirrored by hundreds of Steve’s constituents who responded to Steve’s recent consultation on the reorganisation of the health service. Steve’s survey found that 69% of those who responded believe that the reorganisation of the NHS should not be a top priority. Clean hospitals, shorter waiting times and effective and efficient results were the issues that mattered most to Steve's constituents.



Steve said:


“I think the findings from my survey help to demonstrate that the public do not want these changes and furthermore they are really concerned about the effect they will have on the quality of NHS services in the future.


“These changes are not only unwanted by the public and health professionals, but they are undemocratic. Passing power to 250 unelected local commissioning groups will mean the Secretary of State for Health will no longer be able to direct services.



“I fear this will threaten the very foundations the NHS was built on and will signal an end to a universal health service.”



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