Steve urges Government to face reality and re-think economic policies

Steve McCabe, Member of Parliament for Birmingham Selly Oak, has voiced concern at Consumer Trend fi

GDP Growth also slowed to 0.1% revised down from 0.2%. Household expenditure makes up about 60% of the UK GDP.


Steve said:“These figures demonstrate the need for the Government to re-think their economic policy.


“While they are telling us to wait it out, thousands of families across my constituency are being pinched by the rise in the cost of living and the failure of the economy to grow in nine months.


“I recently carried out a cost of living survey of my constituents which showed that 76% of people felt they were worse off than they were 12 months ago. It is utterly unfair that ordinary families are bearing the brunt of the Conservative-led government’s cuts.


“The Government needs to cut slower and less severely – only then will we see the growth that we need to help hard working families across Birmingham.”

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