It's smart money to invest in children and families

At a reception hosted this week by Action for Children, Family Action and Children England I pledged

The reception was to show support to vulnerable children, young people and their families in Birmingham. At the ‘The Smart Money’ event I saw first-hand not only how effective early intervention services are in tackling deep rooted problems such as deprivation and neglect before they spiral out of control but also the economic benefits they bring to the public purse. The three charities, who between them represent many hundreds of local schemes supporting vulnerable children and their families, have asked MPs to help make a difference by writing to the chancellor to ask how the Treasury intends to deliver efficiency to the economy, challenging their local authority to find out how vulnerable families are being helped in their constituency and holding a child-centred day at their MPs surgery. I recognise the crucial role that early intervention can play both in creating brighter futures for disadvantaged children and families, and in delivering savings to the taxpayer in reduced social and welfare costs. I have contacted both the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Birmingham City Council to ask what strategies they have to ensure that cost saving early intervention strategies and projects are protected during these difficult times.

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