Steve McCabe says ‘pay for it yourself’

Steve McCabe MP, Birmingham Selly Oak, asked his constituents who they think should pay for the prop

An enormous 85% of respondents agreed that if the government insists on a referendum on elected mayors then they should pay for it.


Almost everyone (97.5%) thought that Steve should continue to ask about and expose the true cost of the referendum to Birmingham Council Tax payers.

Steve said:

“I have asked my constituents what they think and I think it’s safe to say they do not want the City Council to foot the bill for a Mayoral Referendum.


“My constituents want to see the money spent on care services for the elderly and disabled, tackling anti-social behaviour and creating more activities for our young people. They don’t want money spent on a referendum they didn’t ask for.


“The City Council should be standing up for the local people and trying to protect their services rather than agreeing to waste money on costly elections, referendums and political experiments.”

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