Steve McCabe shows support for BBC Staff

BBC staff in Birmingham staged a protest in Victoria square in the City Centre on 16 November to sho

Steve was very sorry he had to miss the protest, but he was tied up in Parliament. Steve did however want to offer his support to the protestors and released this statement:


“I was very sorry to miss the BBC protest in Birmingham on 16 November, unfortunately I was tied up in Parliament. However, I want to express my support for the BBC staff and their protest.



I fully recognise the concerns of staff at proposals to cut 150 mainly production and high value jobs in Birmingham and to effectively end programme making here. I oppose this decision which will damage the long term future of the BBC in Birmingham and the West Midlands and further reduce opportunities for jobs in the creative industries in this region.



I have already put down a Parliamentary Early Day Motion opposing these cuts which a number of my colleagues have signed. I have written to the Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council urging the council to join with Members of Parliament in opposing cuts which will have a damaging effect on the economy of Birmingham and our future job prospects. I have also written to Mark Thompson, the Director General of the BBC, urging him to reconsider this decision and treat Birmingham and the West Midlands fairly as he makes his plans for the future.



The creative industries are a source of wealth generation and jobs for our region but that cannot happen if BBC management take a decision to reduce their influence in this region. These cuts and their long term impact on staff, their families and future job opportunities must be resisted. I will continue to do all that I can to support BBC staff in this battle to save the BBC in Birmingham”


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