Steve calls on Government to support our deaf community

Steve McCabe MP, Birmingham Selly Oak, met with representatives from the National Deaf Children’s So


Deafness is not a learning disability, yet 65% of deaf children in England fail to achieve 5 GCSE’s grades A*-C, compared to 31.2% of pupils nationally. These figures show an inherent bias against deaf children in our education system. Cuts to programmes which aid deaf children simply add to this bias.






NCDS is a charitable organisation whose aims are ‘to remove the barriers to the achievement of deaf children throughout the world’ through increased awareness, and try to encourage young deaf children to get involved in the decisions that affect them from an early age.


The NCDS has piloted a highly successful programme that promotes fair access to sign language for families with deaf children. 90% of deaf children are born into hearing families who have little or no first-hand experience of deafness, so it is extremely important that families are properly supported in learning to communicate with their child.


Despite the success of the pilot in the North West and South West of England, NDCS has found that local councils around the country are continually failing to support the families of deaf children. This is only going to get worse with the huge budget cuts imposed on local councils. Steve and the NDCS are calling on the Government to roll out family sign language classes across England to put a stop the inherent bias against a deaf child’s life prospects.



The NDCS also advocates the need for one single administrative body to allocate the funding given to support the deaf community. Currently, they believe that funding is too fragmented, establishing one over-arching body would create a more direct link between the funding and those who receive it.



Steve McCabe MP said:

“I am shocked by the fact that 65% of deaf children fail to attain good GCSE’s, these children are obviously not receiving the support they need.



“Children are the most valuable asset we have in our community, any programme that will help a group of children reach their full potential is a move in the right direction.”



“How we communicate with each other is how we create connections with other people. If we deny one section of our society an effective way to communicate then we deny them the opportunity to connect and relate to other people.



“I join the National Deaf Children’s Society in their campaign for fairer access to family sign language classes and a more coherent approach to budget allocation.”


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