Steve urges Government to Drop the NHS Reform Bill

Steve McCabe MP, Birmingham Selly Oak, is calling on the Government to drop its unwanted Health and

The ‘Drop the Bill’ campaign, at, aims to show the full scale of opposition to the Government’s plans. It will unite patients, NHS professionals and the public in a final rallying cry. 


Labour’s Shadow Health team will be visiting every English region over the coming months, work-shadowing healthcare professionals and mobilising support for the campaign across the country. 


Many healthcare professionals have come out in opposition to the Bill; these concerns have also been mirrored by hundreds of Steve’s constituents who responded to Steve’s recent consultation on the reorganisation of the health service. Steve’s survey found that 69% of those who responded believe that the reorganisation of the NHS should not be a top priority. Clean hospitals, shorter waiting times and effective and efficient results were the issues that mattered most to Steve's constituents.


Steve McCabe MP said:

  “David Cameron’s plans create a postcode lottery in the NHS, where patients are refused treatments in one area that their friends can get in another. It amounts to a £2-3 billion waste of money, which would be better spent on medicines, equipment and staff.


“The people of Birmingham did not vote for it and our doctors, nurses and patients have already expressed huge concerns at the plans. Yet Cameron is ploughing on with his Health Bill, ignoring public and professional opinion. 


“I think the findings from my survey help to demonstrate that the public do not want these changes and furthermore they are really concerned about the effect they will have on the quality of NHS services in the future. 


“In these tough times, the NHS is facing the biggest financial challenge in its history. But instead of focusing all of its energy on dealing with this challenge, the NHS is being distracted by a dangerous upheaval that has no democratic legitimacy. 


“The ’Drop the Bill’ campaign is the final push and the Government must listen before it's too late. 


“They must put the NHS first.”

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