Steve calls for action to save young lives during Road Safety Week

Steve McCabe MP, supported Road Safety week, coordinated by charity Brake, and called for action to


In 2010, 18 young people were killed or seriously injured on UK roads every day.



Road crashes are the biggest killer of young people aged 15-24. More young people die in preventable road crashes than from drugs and violence put together.



Raddlebarn Primary school in Selly Oak has contacted Steve about traffic problems they are experiencing outside the school. Despite having obvious yellow zigzags on the road outside the school entrance motorists continually decide to park there.



There is also a problem with cars driving speedily down the road, because there are so many parked cars it is difficult to see cars coming. These conditions make it difficult for the pupils at Raddlebarn to cross the road safely.


 Fiona Chamberlain, Headteacher at Raddlebarn School said:

"The children at Raddlebarn Primary School and other members of the school and local community feel very strongly about issues surrounding parking outside the school, particularly when people wait on the yellow zig-zag lines.  This is for both safety and ecological reasons. 


"We have carried out a number of joint projects with the police and have raised the profile of this through notices on the school newsletter.  In addition, we are encouraging pupils to Walk to school Once a Week (the WOW project), they get rewards for doing this.


 "We are delighted that our local MP Steve McCabe is taking such an interest in this issue which affects the children's well-being and safety. He has met with our parent council and is liaising with the local council over it too.  We just want our children to be safe!"




Steve met the schools Eco Councillors who talked with him about their efforts to encourage more children to walk to school; they were also very concerned about the traffic problem.



A pupil from Raddlebarn School said:

‘We are telling all the other children to remind their parents not to park on the zigzags, we also have a banner outside the gates to remind other drivers. We hope that the adults pay attention to the rules, they need to think about the school children when driving down the road.”




Steve has previously won an award from Brake for his efforts to get a pedestrian crossing installed near Bells Farm School. He is hoping to raise awareness once again about traffic problems near schools.



 Steve said:

“The safety of our children while going to and from school is paramount. At Raddlebarn School there appears to be a blatant disregard for the signs, motorists just seem to park where ever they like.  



“There needs to be greater enforcement of the parking rules and a 20mph speed limit. When I visited the school I was shocked at the speed cars were travelling.  



“If the children at the school are astute enough to recognise the problem and call for action then I think something should be done.



“This issue is timely as it is Road Safety Week; I support Road Safety Week because I recognise the devastation that road crashes and the loss of young lives have on families and the whole community.



“We should be getting basic things like road safety near schools right in the first instance; this is why I am trying to raise awareness about the traffic problem near Raddlebarn School.”


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