Steve blasts council over mobile mast application

Speaking up for constituents

Earlier today I attended a protest against a phone mast proposal. The application states that the site which has been chosen is the junction of Heath Road and Selly Oak Road (Bournville Ward).Residents and politicians from all parties oppose this mast site due to its proximity to St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School; a fact we have fed back to the council during the consultation.However, it is now clear that the consultation is nothing of the kind. When I arrived at the proposed site it was obvious to me that the council have already started to mark out the road in preparation for the erection of the mast.I am disgusted with the cavalier attitude shown to local people. If the council think we can be fobbed off by this sham process then they've got another thing coming.

I have asked for an immediate explanation from Council Leader Cllr Mike Whitby and from Chief Exec Stephen Hughes. Somebody took the decision to proceed regardless and local residents have the right to know who and why and at what cost to the taxpayer.

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