Surprise outcome in MP’s Euro Survey

As storm clouds darken across Europe with the fate of the Euro currency in the balance and most commentators predicting disaster for UK businesses if it does collapse, Birmingham MP Steve McCabe has discovered that voters’ views on Europe are rather different from those advocated by a large number of parliamentarians.
In a survey of more than 3000 constituents over 50% of respondents thought that a referendum on continued membership of the European Union would only serve as a distraction at this time; 70% said that they believed British jobs and British trade depended on our continuing membership of the EU. A majority also expressed concern about the nature of the EU and supported a cut in bureaucracy and the size of the EU budget as well as wanting less interference in largely domestic matters.
Steve McCabe who recently voted for a referendum in a Backbench parliamentary debate said, “I do think these findings are slightly surprising given how vocal the anti EU lobby is. I guess it shows just how worried people are about the economic situation and while they know not all is well with Europe they also recognise the risks of isolationism and dangers of grand standing at a time when our number one priority should be growth and jobs.
“I voted for a referendum because I was fed up with David Cameron and Nick Clegg saying one thing and then doing another. David Cameron won the Tory leadership by promising Tories a referendum and delights in calling himself a Euro sceptic but when the chance came he used his Whips to bully MPs into opposing one. As for Nick Clegg you only need to hear him now and you can bet he said the opposite before the election. His policy then was a once and for all in/out referendum.
“I guess we should be grateful that the public show more maturity and sophistication over these matters than you might think. It should be a lesson to all politicians and it certainly shows the value of directly consulting with voters on matters like this”.
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