Mixed fortunes for Bournville

Kraft has announced proposals to expand its UK manufacturing base with significant investments across four UK sites over the next two years

- £50 million investment in UK chocolate and biscuit manufacturing

-  Launch of biscuit manufacturing in the UK with a new line at Kraft’s confectionery plant in Sheffield and the creation of 20 new manufacturing jobs

- Reduction of approximately 200 roles through redeployment and a managed voluntary redundancy programme over two years from March 2012 

Steve said:

“I welcome the additional investment which pledges a large part of the £50 million to Bournville. This coupled with recent announcements about expanding the Research and Development Department at Bournville and increasing apprenticeship numbers suggest a good long term future for Bournville.

“Obviously I regret the loss of any jobs especially at such a difficult economic time. Food technology is now the leading manufacturing sector in this country. It's highly competitive and depends on strong markets across Europe and elsewhere. This puts pressure on highly competitive businesses, such as Kraft, to continually restructure in order to remain a viable competitor in the market.

“I am relieved that the jobs we are losing are being phased out over 2 years and this is to be done through redeployment and VR. Perhaps there will also be some scope for new jobs as the skill base and age profile of the workforce continues to change.”

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