Demand for PM and Deputy PM to face voters of Selly Oak

A lively audience of nearly 70 people joined Steve McCabe MP for his latest report back session for
Steve said, ‘I’m never sure what to expect when I do these sort of events but it’s more important than ever that MPs’ don’t get caught in the Westminster bubble but make sure they have regular contact and dialogue with their voters. Obviously I do a lot of postal and email surveying as well as phone and doorstep work but there’s no substitute for a good old fashioned question and answer session.’
One constituent thanked Steve for holding the session but said that it was really Nick Clegg and David Cameron who needed to come to the constituency and defend some of the things they are doing especially the broken promises and the sleight of hand treatment of pensioners. Steve reminded her that former Prime Minister Tony Blair had taken part in exactly such a session in the Brandwood Centre at the height of controversy over the Iraq war.
The meeting opened with Steve reporting on some of his recent activities and parliamentary events which included the Home Affairs Inquiries into the Roots of Radicalism and the recent dispute about border controls as well as debates on epilepsy, the BBC and Dangerous Dogs and the issue of youth unemployment.
Many of the constituents expressed concerns about the government’s strategy for pensioners and whether the Chancellor was giving with one hand and taking with the other. Some felt the Winter Fuel Allowance should be restricted others felt that the Chancellor had cut the allowance already and one participant was against the idea of means tested benefits for pensioners and felt that any money for heating including the ‘cold weather payments’ should be available to all pensioners.
People were very worried about jobs and the state of the economy and whether or not the government was cutting too far and too fast. There was also a lot of concern and anger at BBC proposals to cut over 150 production jobs in Birmingham and relocate most of their facilities to Bristol, Cardiff and Salford and demands that the Director General Of the BBC, who has already ducked out of a meeting with BBC staff in Birmingham, should be forced to come to the city and explain himself.
Steve has promised that he will continue to hold regular opportunities for constituents to meet with him and put across their points of view. He said, ‘There’s no point in being in politics if you can’t face your electorate. I want to hear their criticisms, complaints, comments and suggestions. That way I feel I’m better equipped to represent them.’
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