Steve meets new police Chief Superintendent Barnett

Steve met with the new Chief Superintendent, Emma Barnett, who has taken over as the new boss for Bi


Steve said:

‘I was very impressed with her; she’s only been in post four weeks but seems to have got to grips with her new role very quickly indeed.



‘I had a very positive working relationship with her predecessor Chief Supt. Phil Kay who has now moved to take up a new role at Police HQ. I was anxious to meet with Chief Supt. Barnett as soon as possible because it’s vital in my job to know what’s happening in terms of local policing and to be clear about how to raise issues of concern for my constituents.



Steve and Emma discussed some ongoing operational issues, problems regarding traffic at local schools, anti social behaviour and neighbourhood policing. Birmingham South LPU still has a relatively low level of crime but there are some worrying aspects, including a recent rise in house burglary.



They also discussed the controversy over the restriction of opening times at some police station front desks. Steve was able to establish that there are no current plans to restrict any opening times at police stations within the Selly Oak constituency.


He said:

 ‘I understand peoples’ concerns over this but we have to recognise that if the police are forced to grapple with 20% budget cuts then there will be some changes. Like the police, I am keen that the changes don’t affect the delivery of frontline policing services.’


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