Rathbone Garden Centre

Helping people into the workplace

I recently visited the Rathbone Garden Centre which is an excellent charitable service in Selly Oak that helps people gain necessary skills to help them in the workplace. Rathbone in itself is one of the largest charities in Birmingham and celebrated its 25th birthday over the summer. This garden centre prides itself on its ability to improve people’s lives and over half of the plants on sale are grown by the learners themselves. All the profits from the sale of plants and other garden materials are put straight back into the charity so they can go on to help more young people get on their feet.

While I was there I was given a tour of the centre and was even able to sample some of the fruits that are grown. I was greatly encouraged by the work they are doing and I’m sure that the latest intake of learners will thrive under the excellent management, and will continue to grow more fantastic produce.

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