Birmingham MPs debate Labour’s future in Purple Book debate

Steve joined a number of Birmingham MPs to debate the question ‘Should we leave the Big State behind
Progress, who published the Purple Book this year, are currently touring the UK and holding debates on the authors’ policy prescriptions for 21st century Britain. The debate was held at Birmingham City Council House on the 8th December. Speakers included Steve McCabe MP, Rt. Hon. Liam Byrne and Cllr. Steve Bedser.
The Purple Book is a compilation of essays from Labour’s leading lights, on themes including the economy, crime, justice and welfare. Policies are peppered with a modernizing twist, and the authors hope many of their ideas will help Labour reconnect with its “decentralizing tradition”.
Particular policies included a universal childcare service; new rights for victims of crime; HASBOs (a new breed of ASBOs) and a hot topic for Birmingham: directly elected mayors.
Steve said “It is always great fun to ponder new policies. There was, however, a serious side to the debate.

“The Labour Party need to constantly be on the move when it comes to policy. If we don’t evolve with the times and concerns of voters across Birmingham and the UK, we lose touch.
“That’s why I’m glad we are having this discussion”.
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