Steve welcomes eco friendly housing project

Steve attended a Parliamentary reception this week to learn more about VELUX’s CarbonLight eco frie
The reception celebrated the successful completion of the VELUX CarbonLight Housing Scheme in Rothwell, Kettering. The CarbonLight scheme is a cornerstone of VELUX’s Europe-wide Model Home 2020 Project, which aims to build energy efficient and sustainable housing which is practical and comfortable to live in.
Sensors installed throughout the property will open windows and curtains where appropriate, ensuring the healthiest environment for occupants. Solar panels and double and triple glazed windows aim to keep heat in and increase energy efficiency.
Two families will be invited to live in the two converted homes for a year to test the homes for ease of living. VELUX will be keeping a watchful eye on the amount of carbon the property emits.
It is hoped similar homes could be built throughout South Birmingham and the rest of the UK.
Steve said “The VELUX scheme proves that practical, affordable yet energy efficient housing can be built and maintained. For too long, consumers have had to choose between expensive energy efficient housing and cheaper properties without adaptations.
“Once both homes have been tested by two very lucky families, it is hoped that VELUX can build these properties on a national scale. The priority now is to attract a national house-builder to roll out the scheme.
“I’m excited at the prospect that a CarbonLight Home might well pop in Bournville or Brandwood in the near future”.
Please visit for more information on VELUX’s CarbonLight Homes.
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