Steve talks business with Cadbury’s Apprentices

Steve met with Cadbury’s Confectionary and Engineering Apprentices to check up on their progress and

The apprentices gave a short presentation explaining what they were doing in the factory and at college, and how they are learning more and more about the wider business.


The Engineering Apprentices told Steve that as part of their college work they are finding cost savings and more productive and efficient ways of working, saving the company money and proving their worth.


Steve heard that Cadbury’s are planning on taking on 12 new confectionary apprentices next year, this is partly down to the huge success and achievements of this year’s apprentices.


While Steve was visiting he met the Apprentice of the Year, Calum Marnock, and Apprentice runner up, Alexander Flemming. Calum is a confectionary apprentice and Alex is an engineering apprentice who both impressed seniors and colleagues with their hardworking attitude and thirst to learn all aspects of the business.


Steve said:

“It was really encouraging to see the apprentices so enthusiastic about their futures; they all feel they have a stake in Cadbury’s/Kraft as part of their own development.


“These young people are getting high quality training and gaining valuable skills and in return they are helping the business take a fresh approach and coming up with new ideas.


“Food technology is the leading manufacturing sector in this country and not many people realise it, more company’s need to follow Kraft’s lead and encourage more young people into the industry.


“I think this is a model apprenticeship scheme and any company thinking about starting such a scheme should take a look at how Kraft does it.


“The apprentices I met were certainly ambassadors for Cadbury/Kraft, it just goes to show what good opportunities can do for young people.”



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