Steve welcomes Labour’s economics star to Birmingham

Steve recently welcomed Rachel Reeves MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, to Birmingham. Ms
The visit by the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury to Birmingham is part of Steve’s “Labour’s Got Talent” series. Steve opened the meeting by rallying supporters, arguing that five by-election victories and 800 more councillors since May 2010 meant Labour was already getting back on its feet. Steve also paid tribute to Rachel, MP for Leeds West since 2010, for her ‘meteoric rise’ to her current job as Labour’s no. 2 on the economy. In her introduction, Rachel argued that the Government’s economic policy was ‘hurting but not working’. Deep and rapid cuts to public spending had prolonged economic gloom and forced the Government to borrow more than they had hoped. Ms Reeves argued that Labour’s Five Point Plan was a serious alternative to the Coalition’s economic policy. Labour have proposed bringing forward state-funded investment projects, temporarily reversing the 20% rate of VAT and giving a National Insurance holiday for small businesses in a bid to grow Britain’s economy. She praised Ed Miliband’s leadership, saying he was ahead of the curve on the concerns of the ‘squeezed middle’ and the need for “responsible capitalism”. Steve said “It was a great joy to have Rachel here in Birmingham, but there is a serious side to these events. “These meetings provide a forum for party members to come together and debate policy, many of whom are out on the doorstep talking regularly to voters about their concerns”. “I look forward to bringing more of Labour’s talent to Birmingham”. Share this
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