Voters call on Government to turn back on NHS and welfare reform

Voters who attended Steve McCabe’s Report Back in Bournville last weekend are worried about the impl
Steve held another of his regular Report Back events in Bournville last Saturday. Over 50 residents attended to discuss their concerns with Steve. Mr McCabe gave a brief 15 minute review of his activity in Parliament since December. Constituents applauded the work of Labour’s team in the House of Lords in scrutinising the Welfare Reform Bill and the Health and Social Care Bill. The Government’s costly reform of the NHS and welfare cuts to the poorest in society topped the concerns of residents who spoke out. One Bournville voter called the decision to means-test Employment and Support Allowance for some cancer patients after a year “disgusting”. Others deplored the decision to allow NHS hospitals to treat yet more patients who have private healthcare and many hoped that the Shadow Secretary of State for Health’s ‘Drop the Bill’ campaign would force the Government to rethink its policy on the NHS. Steve reminded constituents that only 19% of those who responded to his constituency wide survey believed NHS reorganization should be prioritised. A proposal to cap Housing Benefit payments, abolish Job Seekers Allowance in favour of a Universal Credit and make changes to welfare payments to those suffering mental health conditions also drew scorn. The regeneration of Stirchley Town Centre, the proposed phone mast on Hawthorne Road and Heath Road, energy prices, elected Mayors and youth unemployment were also discussed. Steve said “My Report Back events are an excellent forum for constituents to share their views with me. “I wish the increasingly out of touch Prime Minister would come here; speak to my constituents and listen to their concerns. It is abysmal that the Government are pushing ahead with their reforms and putting their hands over their ears to drown out protest. “I’ll be sure to pass on the key points to relevant Ministers and look forward to my next Report Back in February”. Share this
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