Steve calls on Government to take responsibility over economy and take action

Steve McCabe MP, Birmingham Selly Oak, is appalled by rising unemployment figures, yet again.
Labour Market Statistics released today by the Office for National Statistics show unemployment reach 2.68 million, up 118,000 on the quarter. The number of unemployed people has not been higher since 1994. The statistics also show bad news for young people with youth unemployment reaching a staggering 1.04 million, up 52,000 from the three months to August 2011. This is the highest youth unemployment has been since records began. Steve said: “Each month we see these figures released and each month the economic picture gets bleaker. I don’t know what it is going to take for the Government to take action. “The Government are completely shirking their responsibility to the next generation; Britain is never going to make a full economic recovery with huge numbers of young people out of work. “I am not underestimating the challenge of getting the economy back on track, but the Governments policies are simply not working. They need to face up to reality and come up with an alternative approach.” Share this
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