Steve calls for rethink after police numbers plummet

Steve is calling on the Government to rethink its approach to policing after today’s figures show th


The figures show that there are now 8,000 fewer officers on the streets, at a time when personal crime, which includes theft and violence, has gone up by a startling 11 per cent -- the biggest increase in a decade.


Labour is calling for the Government to reopen the police funding settlement when it is debated in Parliament next month.


Steve said:


“People in Birmingham will have real concerns about the loss of 634 officers here. The deepest cuts to policing budgets will hit this year and HMIC estimate the loss of 16,000 officers through this Parliament.


“With personal crime going up by 11% it makes no sense what so ever to reduce the number of police officers visible on our streets.


“This just goes to show how out of touch the Government is, instead of forcing Birmingham to elect a Police Commissioner at a substantial cost to the tax payer the Government should spend the money on getting more police officers back on our streets.


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