Steve takes diabetes test to raise awareness

Steve attended a blood glucose testing event this week, in a bid to raise awareness of a growing problem.

MPs, peers and staff were given the opportunity to take a test for diabetes at an event hosted by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). It is hoped that the public will be made more aware of the disease by testing the lawmakers of the UK for the condition. 

Information on prevention, identifying symptoms, and treatment were made available to those who attended.

Diabetes is a significant and growing health issue in the UK. Over three million people are currently being treated for the disease, with an estimated million more unaware that they have the condition. According to Diabetes UK, prescription drugs used to treat the disease accounted for 8.4% of the total drugs bill for PCTs in England, costing £725 million in 2010/11.

Steve said “Diabetes is a growing public health problem for the UK and costs the NHS a huge amount of money every year to treat the disease. Prevention is often the best cure.

"Engaging in regular exercise and eating a healthy diet are often the best way to slow down the increasing number of people who develop this condition.

"I would recommend anyone who thinks they may have diabetes to see a GP and discuss their concerns."

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