Steve backs ‘Preventing Babies’ Death’ report recommendations

Steve has thrown his weight behind ‘Preventing Babies’ Death’, a report authored by the Stillbirth a

Steve joined Anne Milton MP (Department for Health) and campaigners from across the UK for the launch of a report authored by a leading charity on preventing stillbirth and cot deaths.

The Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity (SANDS) is an organization committed to reducing the number of stillbirth and neonatal deaths in the UK. Over 6,500 babies die just before, during or soon after their birth every year. ‘Preventing Babies’ Deaths: what needs to be done’ is the latest report from SANDS.

The report states that thousands of deaths could be avoided through improved training and more resources for health officials who conduct antenatal screening; vastly improved accountability and lesson learning through high quality data collection audit and review.

Steve said “Sadly, stillbirth and neonatal deaths continue to blight the lives of parents. Much more work is needed to prevent such tragic deaths.

“I wholeheartedly welcome the recommendations outlined in this latest report, and look forward to working with SANDS in the future to raise awareness of this all too important issue”.

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