Steve pledges to beat ‘higher than average’ bowel cancer deaths in Birmingham

Steve has pledged his support to Beating Bowel Cancer, a national charity working to raise awareness

Steve joined charity officials and MPs to launch ‘Be Loud Be Clear’; a campaign aiming to increase public awareness of this disease.

Bowel Cancer is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer yet it can be beaten. If diagnosed early, over 90% of bowel cancer patients could be successfully treated compared with less than 7% of patients diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer.

In South Birmingham, more people are diagnosed with bowel cancer than the national average and more people die from the disease than the national average*.

Steve said ““One in eighteen people are diagnosed with bowel cancer and these local figures show that people in Birmingham Selly Oak must take bowel cancer seriously.

“I hope that by supporting Beating Bowel Cancer’s campaign I can encourage people in my constituency to BE LOUD about bowel cancer and BE CLEAR on the symptoms of the UK’s second biggest cancer killer.”


*Birmingham Selly Oak has 63 cases of bowel cancer and 19.9 deaths from the disease per 100,000 population compared to national average 46.1 cases and 17.3 deaths per 100,000 population.


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