Fancy the Chance to be Chancellor? Steve McCabe says why not give it a go?

Steve is supporting the launch of Chance to be Chancellor 2012 and is calling on schools and young p

The on-going global economic crisis has led many governments to be more cautious with their finances and to look for innovative ways to raise money through taxes and save money through balancing the demands of public spending.


As the Chancellor what economic decisions would you make? What would your Budget for the country be? Which taxes will you levy on society? Where would you choose to spend the money you’ve raised? Here is your chance to have your say.


Steve said:

“I think it is really important that young people engage with politics and important issues of the day, such as the economy.


“The Youth Budget 2012 is a fun way to do this; I will certainly be interested to see the final outcome. After all these young people will be Britain’s next generation of leaders.”



Run by the Citizenship Foundation, in partnership with Aviva, Chance to be Chancellor is open to all 14-18 year olds across the UK.

Running until the 20th February, participants can enter into a national competition to win great prizes and visit HM Treasury in London.


To find out more and get involved visit:



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