Steve visits Birmingham Apprentices as part of National Apprenticeship Week

Steve spoke to promising apprentices in Birmingham in celebration of National Apprenticeship Week.
Steve recently visited Gordon Franks Training, a successful training agency in Birmingham. Whilst there, he spoke with current students about their training experience and hopes for the future.
Steve used the visit as an opportunity to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, taking place between the 6th February and the 10th February. National Apprenticeship Week is the time when all eyes are on Apprenticeships and it’s all about raising the profile of Apprenticeships amongst employers, individuals, teachers, parents and the media.
After meeting with Gordon Franks (Founder) and Sue Fielding (Managing Director), Steve celebrated the work of the Agency in providing Birmingham’s next generation of entrepreneurs and young professionals.
The visit comes as food giant Kraft announced this week it is to take on 20 apprentices across the UK, including Bournville.
Steve said “National Apprenticeship Week is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the success of Apprentices across Birmingham, including those who attend Gordon Franks Training.
“Apprenticeships are an excellent way of training youngsters up for the world of work whilst equipping them to gain qualifications at the same time.
I wish all the Apprentices I spoke to this week success in the future, and look forward to speaking to them again in the future as young professionals”.
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