Steve accuses Minister of misleading Commons over the cost of the NHS Reforms

Steve has confronted the Government in Parliament about the huge cost of their reorganisation of the


When asked how much the reorganisation is estimated to cost, Health Minister Simon Burns told Steve it would be between £1.2 billion and £1.3 billion. However, Steve believes this is deliberately misleading.


Primary Care Trusts have been forced to hold-back £3.4 billion more than previously thought to cover the reorganisation costs. South Birmingham Primary Care Trust is required to hold back £25 million; this money was previously spent on patient care, not implementing top-down reform.


Steve conducted a survey of constituents which showed that 69% of respondents did not think the reorganisation of the NHS should be a top priority.  Clean hospitals, shorter waiting times and effective and efficient results were the issues that mattered most to Steve's constituents. Spending over a billion pounds on a reorganisation is clearly not what the public want.


Steve said:

“I think the Government are being deliberately misleading, they are trying to hide how much this unnecessary reorganisation is really going to cost.


“Since the Conservative Coalition Government has been in office the 18-week waiting list for treatment at South Birmingham Primary Care Trust has risen by 36%.


“Furthermore, there are also figures showing a worrying increase in waiting lists for diagnostic tests at South Birmingham PCT, people waiting 6 weeks or more for diagnostic tests has risen by 29% between November and December 2011.


“I would like to see this £25 million hold-back money ploughed back into South Birmingham PCT to improve patient care and to help cut these increasing waiting times.


“My constituents have made it clear to me that they do not want this reorganisation, they want shorter waiting times, clean hospitals and efficient treatment.


“We are also seeing more and more professional health bodies coming out in opposition to this Bill, why is the Government being so pig-headed? It appears they are trying to push through these reforms for ideological reasons, not because it will improve how the National Health Service operates.


“When will the Health Secretary and the Government start to listen to what people really want?”


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