Steve tells Government: ‘Help training providers like Reflections!’

Steve visited Reflections Training Academy this week to oversee their Annual Learner Competition, wh

The event is part of a comprehensive training program for their students, supplemented by on-the-job placements.

Steve said: “A number of staff raised concerns about the increasing difficulty in providing placements for their students. Small hairdressing establishments are finding themselves squeezed between increased business costs, dwindling supplies of credit and the general economic climate.

“We need a direct government initiative to help small employers recruit young people and ward off the spectre of long term youth unemployment.

“The students I spoke to were truly a credit to Reflections Training Academy.”

Steve is seen here with Scott Millward of Luke Antony Hair and Beauty Salon, Selly Oak with his model Zoe Millward and Camilla Talbot, Employer Engagement/Recruitment Manager, Reflections Training Academy.

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