Steve meets young people blighted by spending cuts

Steve met with young people from Wake Up Call UK, an organization calling on the Government to inves

Wake Up Call is a global campaign, run by young people, to raise the concerns of our younger generation with politicians and Governments across the globe.

In the UK, youngsters are calling on the Government to invest in community groups working on the front line to tackle knife and gun crime. The campaign comes as the British Crime Survey (2010/11) found that those aged 16-24 were more likely to be a victim of crime than any other age group.

The survey also reported that the number of people reporting violence with injury had increased to 1.8% of the population since the Coalition Government came to power.

Steve said “It was a real pleasure to meet with activists from Wake Up Call UK and discuss their concerns. Far too many Parliamentarians and Governments around the world do not take the concerns of our youngsters into consideration.

“We agreed that there should be more support for community initiatives trying to help young people and tackle violence but Government and Local Authority funding for such projects has been cut and in Birmingham the Youth Service is being decimated”.

“There is a very real danger of creating a debt ridden, disillusioned and unemployed generation who no one is listening to. The Government should recognize the damage they’re doing and invest in the services our young people desperately need.”


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