Steve visits charity helping people back into work

Steve recently visited Freshwinds; a charity which offers free care and support to individuals livin

The organisation, based in Selly Oak, delivers a range of services encompassing the provision of therapy, advocacy, employment advice, debt counselling and community based initiatives to tackle HIV, substance misuse and crime.

Steve took the opportunity to congratulate Carol Hebden, Vice President and Director of Support Services, for the excellent work undertaken by Freshwinds and the positive effect the charity is having on the lives of people in Selly Oak and Birmingham as a whole.

Steve said “It was a great honour to meet with Carol Hebden and Mark Dixon (Employment and Training Manager).

“Not only does the charity provide employment guidance and support- crucial at a time of spiralling unemployment, especially youth unemployment- Freshwinds offers a range of services as part of a holistic approach to supporting the most vulnerable people in our community.

“I look forward to working with them in the future to ensure our most exposed adults and children are looked after by the community”.

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