Shock as those waiting more than 6 weeks for diagnostic tests more than doubles in South Birmingham

Steve has expressed his shock and deep concern over NHS waiting times for diagnostic tests released recently
The figures for South Birmingham Primary Care Trust show that people waiting more than 6 weeks for diagnostic tests has more than doubled since last month. And the picture gets worse with people waiting more than 13 weeks for tests increasing 4 fold.
Across the whole of England the picture is slightly better but figures still reflect rises of 12.3% for people waiting 6 or more weeks for diagnostic tests.
Steve said:
“I am extremely worried about these figures released today, waiting times have been rising since the Government took office but a huge rise like we have seen in South Birmingham is a disturbing indicator of what is to come.
“I highlighted in a debate in Parliament only 2 weeks ago that my constituents do not want this reorganisation of the NHS and would prioritise faster diagnosis and shorter waiting times, the figures we are seeing today will leave my constituents bitterly disappointed.
“The Government is making a huge mistake with their reform of the NHS; their refusal to release the risk register is just another example of their attempts to push this unpopular and unnecessary Bill through Parliament at any cost.
“When David Cameron said the NHS was safe with him he was lying.”
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