More disappointment as unemployment continues to rise

Steve is worried about the continued rise in unemployment and the implications for people in Billesl
Unemployment figures released today report an increase of 28,000 which brings the total amount of unemployed people across the country to 2.67 million. The highest it has been since 1995.
Youth unemployment, amongst 16-24 year olds, rose by 16,000 to 1.042 million, a rate of 22.5%.
The figures also showed bad news for Steve’s constituency, with 8.2% of people claiming Job Seekers Allowance compared to 5.6% nationally.
Steve said:
“Yet again unemployment is up but we still have no commitment from the Government for a proactive policy to get people back into work.
“6 people are now chasing one job, the Government needs to face facts and accept that there simply aren’t enough jobs out there and they need to make plans to stimulate our economy.
“It really worries me that the rate of people on Job Seekers Allowance in my constituency is well above the national average, as are the figures for the West Midlands as a whole. I will be very interested to see what George Osborne has to offer my constituents in the budget next week. I would like to see a sensible policy to provide training and employment opportunities for unemployed young people funded by a tax on banker’s bonuses.”
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