Government duck last chance to come clean about impact of NHS reform

Steve attended an emergency debate on the Health and Social Care Bill in Parliament to discuss why t
Local and regional risk registers have highlighted serious concerns with patient safety, continuity of care and the safeguarding of children. It is astonishing that we still do not know the Government’s own assessment of the precise nature and scale of the risks they are running with the quality, safety and efficiency of our health service.
The Transition Risk Register is extremely pertinent to how the planned changes to the NHS are implemented, and it is for this reason that the Information Commissioner felt it ought to be in the public domain before the Bill completed its Parliamentary process.
Steve is very concerned about the cost of the reorganisation and the effect this will have on patient care. Primary Care Trusts have been forced to hold-back £3.4 billion more than previously thought to cover the reorganisation costs[1]. South Birmingham Primary Care Trust is required to hold back £25 million; this money was previously spent on patient care, not implementing top-down reform.
Steve said:
“It is totally unacceptable of the Government to keep the risk register secret, especially since the Information Commissioner has ruled there is a very strong public interest to disclose this information.
“David Cameron campaigned for openness and more transparency, refusing to publish this information is just another example of another broken promise.
“Since this Government has taken office 3,500 nursing jobs have been cut, there has been a 157% increase in the number of patients waiting more than 6 weeks for key diagnostic tests and referral to treatment waiting times have rocketed.
“When David Cameron said the NHS was safe with him he was lying. This is a worrying day for the future of our National Health Service.”

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