Young people in Birmingham desperately need action on jobs as long term youth unemployment continues to rise


Figures released today by the Office for National Statistics shows a 150% increase in long term youth unemployment in the West Midlands over the last year.

Over 4,000 more young people are now claiming Job Seekers Allowance compared to this time last year.


Steve McCabe MP, Birmingham Selly Oak, said:

“The Government need to address the growing crisis of long-term youth unemployment. The Government’s reckless economic policies are creating a jobless generation that will ultimately damage Britain’s economic recovery and its future economic vitality.


“In my constituency, Birmingham Selly Oak, young people claiming Job Seekers Allowance has risen by 131% over the last year, this is simply unacceptable.


“When we look at the West Midlands as a whole the picture gets worse, 7,000 young people are claiming JSA and have been for a year or more.


“Ministers should stop tinkering around the edges and bring in Labour’s Real Jobs Guarantee, which would use a tax on bankers bonuses to get 110,000 young people across the country into work, into real jobs they would be required to take.”

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