Steve commemorates the sinking of RMS Titanic

Steve visited Cannon Hill Park last Saturday to witness the sinking of a model RMS Titanic and remember those who lost their lives exactly one hundred years ago to the day.


Swanshurst History teacher Doug Smith MBE organised last Saturday’s event to commemorate the tragic sinking of RMS Titanic. On that fateful night of April 12th; over 1,500 people perished in the icy cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Those attending witnessed a reconstruction of events as they unfolded in 1912.

Steve said “No other maritime disaster has quite caught the imagination of the British public like the sinking of the stricken White Star Line cruiser.

“It was therefore very fitting that so many people came to Doug’s event in Cannon Hill Park to share the story of RMS Titanic and remember those who lost their lives.”

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