Steve McCabe MP welcomes pause on plans for Stirchley Baths

The newly elected Labour Council have paused plans for Stirchley Baths that would see the Council borrowing £3.5 million.


Steve McCabe MP, Birmingham Selly Oak, said:

“There has been a lot of posturing over the baths and the Conservative Bournville Councillors are being very quick to point the finger and say Labour is jeopardising Stirchley regeneration. This simply isn’t true, I called for a pause on the plans because after speaking to local residents and community groups it was clear that neither the council nor Conservative Councillors had conducted a meaningful consultation of residents and important groups in Stirchley.


“There also seems to be some ambiguity about how the refurbishment would be paid for. In a letter I received from the Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council I was informed that the ‘Full Business Case for Stirchley Community Hub’ report states the refurbishment will not require funding from the sale of council land to Tesco. However, in other statements made by the Council it has been claimed this £3.5 million loan relies on the Tesco development going ahead. There are clearly still questions that need to be answered over this important point.


“Councillor Phil Walkling and myself will be consulting residents shortly about the plans for Stirchley Baths. It is really important that any future plan has broad public consent and is financially viable. Putting a pause on these plans is the responsible thing to do.”


Councillor Phil Walkling said:

“I am very keen to see what the local people of Stirchley genuinely think about the proposals, I am not sure that turning the baths into Council offices is what local people envisaged for the baths. I think it is really important that the community is properly consulted so any future plan is in the best interests of Stirchley.


“It will be one of my main priorities to ensure the people of Stirchley get the best deal for their community and I am keen to see plans that will contribute to the regeneration of Stirchley as a whole. I hope as many people as possible participate in the upcoming consultation Steve McCabe MP and I will be conducting.”

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